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Please note: this service is only available from the first of September to the end of November.

As a rough guide, we would need at least 4 supermarket-sized boxes of fruit to have enough to press.

All apples should be clean, sound with no rot or bruising, definitely no windfalls.

We can’t work magic with substandard fruit- if you can’t eat it, we can’t juice it!

   Just what do you do with your surplus apples?

Why not turn them into juice that you can enjoy for many months!

Please ask for details of our juicing service if this appeals to you.

The apples are washed, then chopped in the mill (above left). They are built up into layers using cloths and wooden boards, then pressed (centre). The juice is allowed to settle overnight before being bottled and pasteurised (above right).

The juice then has a shelf life of eighteen months after pasteurisation.

So, how’s it done?

Here’s a very brief guide to the process.