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Just a few of the questions that we often get asked

“Are these juices to dilute? Are they from concentrate?”

Our juices are all pure fruits, ready to drink and NEVER from concentrate! We don’t add any water and you don’t need to either. Just drink and enjoy!

“Do you add colours etc to your juices? I notice that they don’t all look the same. ”

Apart from the Apple with Elderflower, our juices contain only naturally occurring sugars and colours. We do not add flavour enhancers etc, only a tiny bit of vitamin C to prevent discolouration.  Our flavours are produced from real fruits and added to the apple juice, which accounts for the different colours of our juices- sometimes quite dramatic, depending on what has been used! The flavour and colour will vary from batch to batch because the fruit itself varies tremendously, especially in a good summer when the sunlight increases the sugar content of the fruits and ultimately affects the flavour and colour.

“Are your juices alcoholic?”

No, our juices are non-alcoholic, so are safe to enjoy by anyone in the family, young or old. For a Christmas treat, why not try our Mulled apple juice, strictly alcohol free but with all the festive flavour. Great for the driver at parties! Our apple juices also make a great base for many mixer drinks.

“Where can I buy your juices?”

We sell them mainly at the Farmer’s markets, but some delis and shops are now stocking our juice, see the where to buy page for more details.

Do you do mail order?”

No, our juices are only available at the above outlets.

How long will your juice last?”

Unopened, the juice will keep for around 18 months. Once opened, it should be refrigerated and used within 3 days.

“Why are there bits in my juice? “

Our juices are filtered to remove some of the naturally occurring yeasts within it. We do not use plate filters to take all of the cloudiness out, hence the juice will contain a bit of sediment. This is perfectly normal and drinkable; a good shake before drinking should disperse it. Our apple juice is mainly cloudy, but different varieties contain different amounts of yeast, so some juices could be clearer than others.

“When you juice my apples, will  I get my own apples back as my juice, or are they mixed with someone else's?”

Our customers who use our juicing service can rest assured that they will only receive their own juice back, not a percentage of a mixed blend of many customers different apples.  You can make your own blend with assorted apples and it will be kept in separate tanks to other customer’s juice. A mixture of apples is fine to juice, eating apples and cookers give a lovely blend.

“Do you use nuts or nut oils?”

No, our products are free from nuts, we do not use any nut oils on the machinery.

“What else can I use it for?”

Our apple juices are great for cooking with, the plain apple makes an especially good sauce to baste a pork joint, for instance. Our juices make a wonderful base for many mixer drinks, alcoholic or not, or a starter for  smoothies. Try apple and bramble juice in vodka for instance - many customers swear by it! Or add some  banana and yogurt to our apple and raspberry for a lovely smoothie; simply whizz in a blender and enjoy.